Starlink is your trusted partner in Vietnam

Starlink is your trusted partner in Vietnam

We strive for Success - Starlink

We strive for Success - Starlink

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Business Brokerage Service

Full Business Brokerage Service


What exactly is a Business Brokerage Service?

A transaction brokerage provides third-party business and real estate services to buyers and sellers. A transaction broker remains legally neutral, and can assist both the buyer and the seller in a particular transaction. Instead of acting as an agent for the buyer or seller, the transaction broker can be described as a professional assistant.

Business Brokerage Service

Transaction Brokerage Services

Starlink aids the buyer in preparing his offer for purchase, assist the seller in deciding what price to ask, facilitate communications between buyer and seller, write the contract, and help buyer and seller to fulfill the conditions of the contract and facilitate closing of the transaction. Although we are not legally responsible to the buyer or seller, we however will always act with honesty and fairness in all transactions, and to exercise due care and skill in our work.

Benefits of a Transaction Broker

Because we have no applicable responsibility towards either party in a business transaction, it means we can offer our services at a much lower price than traditional brokers or agents. While most business brokers offer a complete package of services, at a fixed price, Starlink transaction brokers has more leeway to offer only those services the client wants or needs, and to charge just for the services used. For buyers, an additional advantage is that the buyer is not legally responsible for the actions of transaction brokers, as is the case with a traditional business brokers.

Let Starlink be your transaction link and smoothen your business transactions today!


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