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  My first impression of Starlink was that they are very professional and accommodating. I travel to Vietnam very often for business but I am always at a loss when it comes to securing a dedicated transport to pick me up at the airport and ferrying me to all the locations I am going during my stay. Starlink solved that and offered me more! Not only was I able to spot my pick immediately the moment I step out of the arrival hall (they sent me a sample of how the sign board bearing my name will look life beforehand), I am greeted with the 1st smile from them since touch down from the plane, always without fail. How heart-warming was that if you can imagine! The assurance of friendliness and professionalism was spot on and I just want to express my appreciation with the short passage here about how great your service is and keep it up! I will continue using Starlink for all my trips to Vietnam. Cheers!

- Benjamin T.


I think of this corporate concierge service as my life saver! I am a Business Development Director here in Vietnam running back to back projects at the same time, all the time, and there seems to always be some issues I need to take care of going on here and there. With Starlink however, they managed to take care of almost all my problems whenever I requested for assistance from them; from a simple restaurant booking to the more complicated corporate issues faced by corporations in Vietnam, the Corporate Concierge staffs are always willing to help, they are very timely with my requests, professional at all times, and they have a wonderful attitude. I do not have to spend so much time worrying about miscellaneous items revolving around my personal and professional life, so that I can spend a lot more time on my work for these very busy projects. Thank you Starlink for your dedication and assistance rendered.

- Theodore C.


Your motorbike city tour service is outstanding and my family members and friends are very impressed with the level of service provided. Not only were all your drivers polite, friendly and knowledgeable, the information provided to us gave us a view of Vietnam from a different light. We really appreciate the hospitality and effort in showing us around for the tour. Keep up the great work and I will strongly recommend you guys to all my UK friends coming to Vietnam from now on.

- James. H. Matthew


Dear Nelson and Starlink company.I am Shota Kenji. I arrived in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City on 1.August and left on 6 August. Thanks to you and Starlink, I had a good time and I see a lot of things about Vietnam and the beautiful beach resorts outside HCMC. One of your staff Xuan helped me a lot so please say hello to Xuan for me please. I'm very happy to choose Starlink for my tour holiday and I am very glad. I hope that many Japanese will know Starlink and I will introduce you to my friends who will go to H.C.M. Thanks for the experience which I cannot forget and I hope I can see you all soon. Please take care of yourself  

- Shota Kenji


We found Starlink's Saigon Motorbike City Tour by chance on the internet 3 days before me and a group of friends arrived in HCMC. After a few email exchanges, everything was confirmed and time was set at 7pm at our hotel in District 1 on the first day of arrival. At 6.30pm our group of 10 slowly gathered at the lobby chatting and discussing what attractions to visit during the next few days and exactly at 6.45pm, our motorbike tour group arrived and made a grand entrance gathering outside the hotel. All 10 motorbikes that we booked arrived on time and it's easy to recognize them as every rider was wearing the same company T-shirt as the pictures shown on their website and best part was, all smiling and waving at our group as if to welcome us! Everyone started taking pictures together and immediately, we knew we made a right choice choosing this tour as they even have a tour leader who was in charge of the motorbike tour to ensure everything is in place; safety concerns, comfort and even questions about attractions that we should consider visiting in HCMC. All our guides spoke great English which made it even better to talk and converse before and during the ride. Although the ride was only a 15 - 20mins ride from our hotel to the dinner restaurant location (package we chose), it is simply the best choice we made to experience the legendary traffic movement in Vietnam and prepping us ahead for the night ahead as well as the next few days while crossing the roads in Vietnam. Thank you Starlink for this fantastic experience and for the record, we booked another package from them for the next day to visit some attractions together and that, is yet another great experience. I strongly recommend Starlink's Motorbike City Tour to anyone who wants to experience what we got all in 1 word: FANTASTIC.

Derek Sim


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